Alan Wheatley

General Secretary - Institute of Translation & Interpreting 2001 - 2010

I first met Debbie Busby in 2001 when she was recruited by the Institute of Translation & Interpreting, only one month or so after I was recruited by the same organisation. I was employed as the General Secretary of the Institute and Debbie reported to me in all matters relating to the Institute's accounts, financial management and salaries.  
Debbie proved to be a very caring employee, always happy and willing to go the extra mile to assist the Institute or her colleagues. Debbie's broad and indepth knowledge of her role and responsibilities made her a key member of staff, introducing change where necessary, extending her role and creating new processes. I found Debbie to be more than capable, and happy, to work either as a team player or on her own initiative. Debbie is an honest, capable and reliable person who easily integrates into any situation, she maintains confidentiality and pays attention to detail and was a valuable asset to me in my 9 years at the Institute. 
Over the period I also counted Debbie amongst my circle of friends, she is a forward thinking, ambitious person who is always willing to take on a challenge to improve the family lifestyle. 
I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie to any prospective business or employer.


Madeline Stewart 2005 -2012

Having worked closely with Debbie for over seven years as colleagues at ITI, I was always impressed with her instant command of the up-to-date financial situation and how it affected each part of the business.
Debbie is an extremely skilled management accountant and a wonderful person to work with. I cannot recommend her too highly.  

Dr Catherine Greensmith

Chairman of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting 2000 - 2010 

I have known Debbie for over ten years in her capacity of finance officer for the Institute of Translation and Interpreting of which I was chairperson at the time.

I have continued to work with Debbie at committee level since then.

I have always been impressed by her professionalism, her integrity and her sense of duty. When necessary she would not hesitate to say what needed to be said or done.

She constantly showed initiative and worked equally well on her own and as a team member. She was much appreciated by her colleagues and by members of the Institute.

She as an eye for detail and would always work to the deadlines set.

On a personal level, Debbie is a thoughtful, positive and caring person. She is always ready to help and never spares her time or her efforts.

I wish her well with busbybusinessservices and her new project. She deserves to succeed.

I have no hesitation in recommending her and her work.

Dr Catherine Greensmith

John Walker

Treasurer of the Association of Sign Language Interpreters 2009 - 2011


"It has always been a pleasure to work with Debbie because her guidance has made me a better Treasurer. I often arrived in meetings with the information I needed to advise the board and has resulted with a surplus, year by year."

Dr Christopher Stone - National Chair ASLI 2007-2010
I first worked closely with Debbe Busby as the Vice Chair when she gave invaluable advice and support as ASLI moved to integrated office support provided by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Always pleasant to work with and willing to take the time to understand our organisation, the services she provided us were invaluable. Debbie ensured that we understood the context of our accounts, was diligent and paid attention to the details of our professional association to ensure that we operated at an optimum level. We were able to streamline some of our services and maintain our surplus so that we could best support our members. I would recommend her services.

Pamela Mayorcas

Chairman of the Institute of Translation and Intepreting 2010 - 2011  

I have known Ms Deborah Busby  for some ten years, first in my capacity as an ordinary member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting, then in my role as a Council member (2009-2011) and subsequently Chairman (2010-2011).  

Debbie was Accounts Manager and then Finance Manager for ITI. For a short time, she also acted as Office Manager, a role she adapted to very quickly and executed to great effect. During my time as Chairman she was immensely supportive and, where necessary, offered  very good and helpful advice. 

She was diligent and painstaking in the presentation of financial and accounting information, prompt in the delivery of the necessary reports. Nothing was ever too much trouble and  I knew that I could rely on Debbie to keep track of all the data and present it in a user-friendly way for people who are not financial specialists.  

She is kind and trustworthy.  She sets very high standards for herself and always aims to deliver a first-class service. She is sensitive to personnel issues and has a deep understanding of business processes and a commitment to service delivery.


Sarah Haynes - National Chair ASLI 2010 - 2012


Debbie Busby provided accounts and other business and office services for the Association of Sign Language Interpreters during the period that I was Chair of the Association (2010-2012), as well as during the years when I was a member of the ASLI National Executive Committee (2005-2010).   These services included bookkeeping and preparation of company accounts. 

My experience of BBS Ltd has been very efficient bookkeeping and accounting work, with a knowledgeable and exceptionally responsive service. Debbie has a friendly and approachable manner and is flexible, particularly in the demands of working with a voluntary sector organisation. This flexibility included excellent interaction with volunteers as well as willingness to vary timescales and work well with ad hoc tasks. 

Based on this experience I would recommend BBS Ltd services for small or large companies.